Starting a sari-sari store business. sari-sari store business tips. sari-sari stores are small retail outlets that can be found in almost all neighborhoods, sometimes even in every street corner in the Philippines.

It is a profitable business if you know how to start a Sari-Sari store with small capital in the Philippines. The Sari-Sari store is your local neighborhood convenience store. These are informal businesses that are set up just about anywhere there is good foot traffic.

I’ll update this post in the future. You can come back to this page regularly for more tips regarding your sari sari store business. If this post helped you, or you know somebody who owns a sari-sari store, please share this with them. You might want to read: Huge List of small business ideas You Can Start in the Philippines

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9 Keys to Your Sari Sari Store Business Success – The following tips are practical and should be a reminder to small business owners, not only sari-sari store operators. They are characterized as focus on the business and practicing discipline. A sari-sari store that is managed well can yield sustainable income. treat the store as if it’s not yours

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How to Start a Sari-Sari Store Even with a Small Capital. – How to Start a Sari-Sari Store Even with a Small Capital. You can simply knock off a wall from your house to have a storefront or build an extension at the side of the house. Next, make sure there is someone who can man the store throughout the day – you or a trusted family member. As the business grows, you can hire a few more hands to help you out.

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This business venture is easy to setup as it requires small amount of capital, making it perfect for stay-at-home moms. But, there are instances in which sari-sari stores were not able to survive in the business. Here are some reasons why sari-sari stores fail:

1. Keep Your Store Stocked. Since there are likely other sari-sari stores within a few feet from yours, as much as possible try to gain the reputation of having the best stocks. People would want to find everything they need on one go, rather than go from your store to another in search of the stuff they need.