All you need to do is contact a local, independent agent. Big question though . . .when you say "bonded", exactly what do you mean?? A true bond is a guarantee from the insurance company that you’ll perform a job as described, to the person you’re doing the job for – and is NOT what Joe Average means when he says he wants to get bonded.

Read ahead for information on how to get bonded and insured. The Cost of Getting Bonded For any start-up business, it is crucial that a business owner properly projects start-up costs, which should include any surety bond costs .

Because business service bonds protect your clients from theft committed by one of your employees, some business types require greater bond amounts than others. For your convenience, here is a quick chart of suggested bond amounts, based on where businesses commonly work.

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How to Get Bonded for a Cleaning Business | Surety Bond Insider – If you own a cleaning business, it is vital to be familiar with surety bonds because, although it is not required, cleaning businesses are highly encouraged to be bonded.In fact, one of the first things a client will likely want to know when deciding whether to hire you or one of your competitors is if your company is bonded and insured.

Where to Get a Small Business Bond. Many small businesses that need surety bonds are able to purchase them from their insurance companies. Even though some business insurance providers are able to sell bonds to their small business customers, it is important to remember that having a bond does not take the place of small business insurance.

How much does it typically cost to get bonded if you are self-employed? I would like to start a small pet and plant sitting business and need to get a surety bond. If the only employee is myself and I don't plan on doing huge amounts of business, how much, on average, could I expect to pay?

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Commercial Cleaning Licensing and Bonding will ensure the business will comply with state and/or federal bonding and insurance requirements. In order to obtain a business license, a bond may be required by the state or city, depending on the location of business operation.