You only need to make one application for small business rate relief and you will continue to receive it until you have a change of circumstances, or there is a change in the eligibility criteria that means you will no longer qualify.

The government have announced changes to small business rate relief from 1 April 2017. The new criteria are: Qualifying businesses with a property with a rateable value of 12,000 and below receive 100% relief; Qualifying businesses with a property with a rateable value between 12,001 and 15,000 receive relief on a sliding scale

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Businesses that qualify for small business rate relief when they occupy more than one property can only be granted relief on the main property. businesses receiving small business rate relief that take on an additional property which would currently disqualify them from receiving relief, will continue to receive their existing relief for 12 months.

Rates relief is handled differently in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You have to contact your local council to see if you’re eligible and apply for: small business rate relief

This discount will apply for the financial years 2019/20 and 2020/21.. Small business rate relief is available for properties with a rateable value below 15,000.

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You can get small business rate relief if: Your property's rateable value is less than 15,000; Your business only uses 1 property – you may still be able to get.

Small businesses rate relief | Business rate reductions and. – Ratepayers must apply for small business rate relief and must be eligible on the 1 April each year. Provided the ratepayers circumstances do not change, the.

How to apply You can make an application for small business rate relief using the form below or by contacting the Business Rates Team on 0161 474 5188 who will be happy to offer you advice on whether or not you are eligible to claim.

If you only use one property and it has a rateable value lower than 15,000 then Small Business Rate Relief is applicable to you. However, if you have multiple properties you are only able to get Small Business Rate Relief if the rateable value of each of the properties is below 2,900 and the total rateable value of all properties is below 20,000 (or in Greater London 28,000).

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